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The medical community has recognized the immense value offered by Provestra™ in terms of heightened sexual desire, pleasurable orgasms, and relief from the symptoms of menopause.

Before, most doctors recommended over-the-counter medications, but that practice is changing at a commendable rate and a majority of doctors are in favor of 100% naturally-prepared Provestra™ pills.

This practice has been cemented with the latest studies indicating the effectiveness of natural herbs without any side effects, which makes them superior to prescription pills.  

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Dr. Lepeley's Provestra™ Video Review

Dr. Lepeley Video

Anna Lepeley, PhD, CISSN, CSCS

Anna is an expert in the nutrition and exercise field and has an extensive knowledge of biochemistry along with the understanding of libido-enhancing supplements. As a doctorate holder from the Trident University in Exercise Biochemistry, Anna has an exclusive knowledge of the biochemical and physiological part of sexual performance and libido. She is aware of the best methods used for manipulating these aspects of sexual desire through lifestyle factors, diet, exercise, and supplements.

In addition to it, Anna has a Master's as well as Bachelor's degree in the field of Exercise Physiology awarded by the Florida International University. For the past eight years, she has been studying the influence of dietary supplements and nutraceutical ingredients on sexual arousal.

Anna has been conducting lectures at different conferences to disperse any myths proposed by shady libido-product manufacturers. Anna has worked with several libido-enhancing product firms and has helped the general population by translating the working mechanism of these ingredients and supported them with proper scientific research.

Rekindle Your Passion and Sexual Desire With Provestra™

Provestra recommendationProvestra™ is a one-stop solution for women looking to increase their sexual desire, enjoy intense sexual sensations, and improve lubrication. The main purpose of this product is to restore the natural sexual balance and improve the sexual health of women. Provestra is prepared from natural ingredients that are well known to spark a new light in sexual lives.

Most of the people discussing the sexual health of women often blame psychological factors regardless of the real reasons for the lack of libido. However, a balanced neurotransmitter and hormone levels, and regulated flow of blood along with proper vaginal lubrication is the key to ignite sexual desire. If any of these factors are not fulfilled, women might not enjoy sex as per their expectation and might even have a lack of interest in it. It can make male partners feel undesirable. However, the best option to ignite sexual desire in females is to maintain proper sexual health.

Instead of suffering with the side effects of low sexual desire, it is time to improve your sexual health with products like Provestra™. Provestra™ is made of many effective natural ingredients with each of them playing a crucial role. For instance, kudzu is known for its high phytoestrogen content, which can balance estrogen levels in the female body. Similarly, ginseng is known for its regulation of sex hormones responsible for female sexual desire. Damiana offers aphrodisiac qualities and can help restore female libido. In short, there are several ingredients used in Provestra™ that has the sole purpose to improve the sexual desire in women.

There are very few products available for igniting sexual desire in women, and Provestra™ is one of the best. Provestra™ is my recommendation to anybody looking to enjoy a better sex life with more intense orgasms.

Dr. Karen Vieira, MSM, PhD
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