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What is the working mechanism of Provestra™?

Just imagine those past days when sex was all about passion and you want to dive into that similar pleasure?

Provestra™ has been endorsed by doctors as a daily supplement that can boost the sexual desire in women and...

  • Increase your vaginal lubrication
  • Cause intense sexual sensations
  • Quick sexual foreplay
  • Allow you to enjoy orgasms with maximum pleasure and muscle contraction
  • Revive your sexual encounters

How does Provestra™ achieve it?

Provestra™ is prepared with the finest quality aphrodisiacs, herbs, and nutrients, and this composite mixture balances the sexual hormones within the female reproductive system.

Modern women have several challenges to face:

The struggle with our careers, handling kids, responsibility of housework, taking care of our parents, and similar responsibilities—and all of these responsibilities leave little to zero room for taking care of our nutritional needs and focusing on workouts.

On top of all of these factors, the female body undergoes different types of hormonal changes to worsen the situation, which is most evident...

  • Accompanied with menopause
  • After your pregnancy
  • With your monthly menstruation
  • After additional exposure to synthetic estrogens
  • By lack of physical activities, stress, and poor nutrition

... All of these factors leave you exhausted and stressed—and you might even not have the time or interest for sexual pleasure!

Provestra™ plays a key role in maintaining the natural balance of your body.

It works by supplying the necessary supplements required to transform you from a stressed and overtaxed woman and into a sexual, youthful, female full of sexual desire.   

You'll feel a similar sexual desire and add some flair to your sexual encounters.

I have lost my sexual desire, is Provestra™ the right option for me?

Most women are aware of the benefits of the regular usage of multi-vitamin products. However, only few of us pay attention towards our daily need of other nutrients and minerals. Isn't that true?

Provestra™ is a complete supplement that targets the reproductive system of the female body, restoring the nutritional level necessary for a pleasurable sexual experience and maintaining proper hormonal balance within our body.

Provestra™ has always offered reliable results:

A major portion of women using Provestra™ experience an increase in their sexual desire within 30 days of using this product.

There are several factors that make you unique, including your medical records, health of your relationships, your views towards sex, and your current professional or personal life.  

So, it is not possible to ensure 100% that Provestra™ will improve your sexual health.

However, if you do not understand your primary reason behind your lack of sexual desire, Provestra™ can do the trick for you. If you do not achieve the expected results from Provestra™, it is time to consider professional help from a medical expert.

But always keep in mind:

We offer a 100% refund for Provestra™. You can always refund your purchase if you are not satisfied with the results.

Our goal is to offer you complete satisfaction.

How soon should I expect results from Provestra™?

Our regular Provestra™ users have witnessed an improvement within seven days, including:

  • Higher sexual anticipation and fantasies
  • Increase in female sexual libido
  • Improvement in sexual foreplay
  • Quicker lubrication of your vagina
  • Maximum sensations within the genital area

Nonetheless, keep in mind that the main purpose of Provestra™ is to restore the nutritional and hormonal levels within your body that have originated out of poor nutrition, continuous stress, lack of physical workouts, and neglecting requirements of your body.

As a result, Provestra™ requires some time to restore the natural hormonal balance within your body.

Our experts recommend a minimum 30-day course of Provestra™ before you can achieve any significant results, including:

  • Less hot flashes
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Lesser mood swings
  • Regular menstruation with less cramping
  • More sensual encounters and pleasurable orgasms

... and the fun keeps on adding up!

I never felt much sensation in the genital area. Can I expect improvements with Provestra™?

According to regular users of Provestra™, the supplement helps in enhancing the sensations within the labia, clitoris, and other vaginal regions.

The primary reason behind these sensations is an improvement in blood flow in the genital area because of the nutrients used in preparing Provestra™.

As a result, you'll witness an improvement in vaginal lubrication and experience more intense sexual sensations.

Vaginal dryness is a major problem for me. Can Provestra™ help with vaginal lubrication?

The answer is YES. There are several ingredients that can help in improving vaginal lubrication—allowing you to become "wet" quickly and enhance the level of lubrication during your sexual encounter.

There is a direct relation between the degree of sexual sensations and lubrication, which often ends up with heightened sexual desire.

Lubrication is the key to pleasure during sexual activity and the sooner you lubricate, the faster you start experiencing sexual sensations—and the degree of enjoyment increases during sex.

The cycle of sexual desire:

Higher amount of Lubrication = Intense sensations = Higher sexual desire

... more vaginal lubrication means more pleasure.

In fact, one of our main goals was to increase the level of vaginal lubrication and help you overcome vaginal dryness during sexual encounters.

Can Provestra™ help me reach orgasm?

Most of the women who use Provestra™ experience their first orgasm only after using Provestra™ on a regular basis.

It works by causing blood vessel dilation and heightened sexual experience and relaxation. You won't have to try hard to enjoy sex.

In addition, Provestra™ comprises of several efficient nutrients that combine together to offer intense and frequent muscle contractions—helping you relax while enjoying your first orgasm.

I am not comfortable with sex. Can Provestra™ help in improving my condition?

Provestra™ can certainly help you enjoy sex and get involved in intense sexual encounters over a period of time.

Two primary issues creating discomfort for women: (1) low sexual desire and (2) low vaginal lubrication.

There are some basic problems that were considered during the development of Provestra™. Some of the major issues considered by our medical experts include higher sexual desire, better blood circulation in the genital region, intense foreplay, and higher level of vaginal lubrication.

However, if you suffer pain during sexual intercourse, it is recommended to seek professional advice from a medical expert. It will help you rule out the chances of any serious medical problem.

In addition to it, if you were in an abusive relationship, or had bad sexual experiences, or received inappropriate messages concerning sex at a younger age, it might help to contact a professional therapist and resolve the issue.

What are the main constituents of Provestra™?

You can visit the "How Provestra™ Works" webpage here and find out the complete list of ingredients, along with their specific function within this mixture.

I've reached menopause...Is it okay to revive my sex drive at this age?

Provestra™ could be your one-step solution for vaginal dryness, lack of sexual desire, mood swings, hot flashes, and similar problems associated with menopause. It can help you overcome these problems comfortably.

There have been several instances where women who are pre- or post-menopausal have had intense sexual experiences—once they had control of their hormonal levels and health. It is all about restoring the natural balance of your body.

A large portion of our customers comprises of menopausal women.

The market is full of supplements and products to help men maintain their sexual libido. It is time for women to enjoy a similar product and have better sexual encounters with Provestra™.

What are the side effects of Provestra™?

Provestra™ is perfectly safe and healthy for use. There are only a few herbal elements, which are not recommended for pregnant women. Most of the constituents are of medicinal value and do not have any adverse effects on your body.

Some of the regular consumers have witnessed an increase in their breast size, but it is a part of the overall balancing of your hormonal levels and restoring your reproductive system to its best state.

If there are some additional supplements or medications that you are using, it might be helpful to consult a medical practitioner before using Provestra™.

Is Provestra™ completely safe for use?

Provestra™ is prepared with 100% natural herbs, ingredients, and with the finest quality raw material, as per the best pharmaceutical standards.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturers are cGMP certified and they are the same manufacturers who work with brands like Safeway, Albertsons, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, and other similar drug manufacturers.

  • We have all the raw materials tested for the finest quality before production.
  • We have compliance with cGMP and use certified materials!
  • Every single Provestra™ bottle comes with an expiration date and lot number attached to it.
  • We are ready to show the Certificates of Analysis for any of the ingredients we are using in the preparation.

Our top-most priority is to ensure your safety. We believe in customer satisfaction and we would never compromise quality.

However, it you are not certain about the safety of Provestra™, feel free to consult your medical expert.

Can I use Provestra™ safely while trying to get pregnant?

Provestra™ is not recommended for pregnant women because of some of its herbal constituents.

Is it expensive to purchase Provestra™?

At local Supplement Specialty Chain and Health Food Stores, Provestra™ is available in one-month supplies for $59.95.

However, we are trying to remove any intermediary and offer Provestra™ over the internet so that you can enjoy this medication at an affordable price...

... You will be spending a somewhat similar amount of money as you spend on a multi-vitamin every month!

In addition to that, we are offering bulk order discounts under which you can get your monthly supply for $32.40.

Can I receive my shipment discreetly?

We will send your shipment in a plain package with no hint of the inner content(s).

Is there any guarantee if it doesn't work as expected?

Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. We provide a 100% refund guarantee with every purchase.

We would ask you to use Provestra™ for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the results, return the empty bottles and remaining product for a 100% refund.

How do you offer customer support services?

We have dedicated customer support and you can call them at:

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Under what name will I be charged for this product if I use a credit card?

Your credit card statement will include expenses under the name of "".

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