How Does Provestra™ Work?

Provestra™ is a combination of natural herbs, aphrodisiacs, and nutrients that work together to increase sexual desire and pleasure during sexual encounters.

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Provestra's™ propriety blend of herbs and nutritional supplements includes:

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It is among the natural amino acids with two specific roles in the reproductive system of a female:

  • It is a trigger for nitric oxide which has the main purpose of increasing the flow of blood in sexual organs, including the vagina and clitoris. L-Arginine also dilates the blood vessels, ensuring maximum relaxation during sexual intercourse and allows healthy muscle contractions during orgasm.
  • L-Arginine is responsible for the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone whose main role is to improve the sexual function, sexual foreplay, and enhance sexual desire while keeping the energy and immunity levels high. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland.  

There are some secondary benefits offered by L-Arginine including: detoxification of the liver, immunity against diseases, excretion of ammonia from your body, and faster healing. L-Arginine is an important part of the connective tissues, skin, and collagen.

Ginger Root

Ginger aphrodisiac For several centuries, ginger is believed to be an effective aphrodisiac, especially in Asia, where it is extremely famous for its circulatory system benefits, better blood flow, and increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

Even the Kama Sutra has mentioned ginger root for increasing libido.

I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol)

If you don't have the time for your veggies, I3C supplements can help you. It is naturally found in broccoli, kale, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts.

According to initial research, I3C might help in keeping off some particular forms of cancer.

When it comes to the sexual drive, I3C can help your body balance out excessive estrogen available in your body.

One of the primary reasons behind the loss of sexual desire and pleasure is a high proportion of estrogen found in the female body.


Aphrodisiac quality of Theobromine Do you find it difficult to avoid chocolates? Most women have experienced some sort of excitement while eating chocolate. Theobromine is the reason behind this feel-good factor with chocolate.

The main purpose of theobromine is to offer that additional burst of energy, which originates because of the dilation of your bronchi within your lungs and it triggers higher oxygen consumption.

In addition to it, theobromine tends to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure, allowing you to relax.

As a matter of fact, you don't feel "edgy" or "nervy" with theobromine unlike with other stimulants such as caffeine.

Moreover, theobromine has always been known as an aphrodisiac. The Aztecs used it nearly 4000 years ago for physical, as well as spiritual, preparation for battles—And for sexual intimacy too.

Damiana Leaf

Damiana is another wild shrub commonly found in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, which is used in the preparation of Provestra™. The native residents have been using damiana as an ingredient for tea because of the aphrodisiac properties of this leaf.

Damiana is extremely helpful for women because it is a stimulating agent for muscular contractions within your intestinal tract, which ensures sufficient supply of oxygen in the genital area leading to higher sensitivity in the clitoris.

Some of the major functions of the damiana leaf is to balance hormone levels, reduce vaginal dryness, intensify orgasms and their frequency, and control hot flashes.

It has some additional benefits during menstruation including relief in depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and headaches.  

Ginkgo biloba

Intense sexual encounters Ginkgo biloba is known to improve mental acuity of an individual and it is often used as a supplement.

However, very few people are aware of the fact that the Chinese have been using it for the past several centuries to improve their sexual health with better blood flow, heightened sexual satisfaction, and intensified orgasms.

You can enjoy the benefits of ginkgo biloba with regular consumption.

Cohosh Root (Black)

Native North Americans have been using black cohosh root (a natural herb) for the past several centuries for the treatment of menopausal symptoms including vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

Black cohosh root stimulates estrogen-activity within the body and offers relief in different problems associated with the female reproductive system such as heavy menstruation, infertility, ovary or uterus inflammation, cramps, and relief in labor pains.


Aphrodisiacal qualities Ginseng is a traditional herb used for increasing libido and it is widely known for the aphrodisiacal qualities it offers.

There have been several benefits of ginseng including improvement in physical and mental performance, higher information retention and concentration, higher immunity, lower appetite, ability to fight off depression, helps maintain the balance in glucose levels, and it helps control several symptoms of menopause.

Licorice Root

Hormones for sexual desire Licorice root is known for its effective liver detoxification qualities and cleaning abilities—which are in direct relation with the sex hormones!

There are several benefits of licorice root including lowering fluid retention, bloating, mood swings, breast tenderness, and combating depression. It can help lower stress and offer strength to your adrenal glands along with having energy-boosting qualities.

B-Complex Vitamins

(Consists of B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, and B-12)

A healthy sex drive is possible only when B-complex vitamins are present in an adequate amount within your body including thiamin (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), and niacin (B-3). These vitamins can boost your energy levels, promote healthy blood circulation and flow, and participate in the sex hormone synthesis process.

Other B-complex vitamins including B-5, B-6, and B-12 are capable of fighting against stress and regulating hormone levels. These vitamins can help you with anxiety, irritation, lack of concentration, and mental strain.

Red Raspberry

Balance estrogen levels Red Raspberry is used for increasing the strength of the female reproductive system including toning as well as regulating your uterine muscles.

It can help in providing relief against cramping experienced during menstruation, lowering PMS symptoms, control hot flashes experienced during menopause, and maintain a natural estrogen balance.

Calcium Carbonate

It is a commonly known fact among women that calcium supplements can eliminate the risks of the development of osteoporosis.

However, most people are not aware of the importance of calcium in normal muscle and nerve functioning and its role as a blood-clotting mechanism.

Calcium plays some major roles in addition to strengthening the bones as well as teeth. For starters, muscle contraction = Pleasurable orgasm!


Kudzu is a Chinese medicine used in cold remedies; however, it is a rich source of phytoestrogens, which are of considerable importance in increasing sexual desire. 

Kudzu is among the richest plant estrogen sources found in nature and it helps in controlling your menopausal and hormonal balance.

Valerian Root

The root of Valerian is an age-old medicine for increasing calmness, improving the relaxation of your CNS (central nervous system), and controls anxiety as well as stress levels.

It can help individuals suffering from insomnia to enjoy a healthy night's sleep.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E possesses antioxidant properties and it is fat-soluble.

It can fight against the toxic effects of estrogen and it is a necessary part of the hormone synthesis process.

Vitamin E can help in reducing vaginal dryness and control hot flashes, quite similar to Vitamin C.

Vitamin E is also deemed useful for the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin A

The benefits of Vitamin A are far beyond their well-known healthy visual aid.

Vitamin A keeps the epithelial tissue healthy whose main function is to line the external as well as internal surfaces of your body. In short, it is not only responsible for youthful, plump, and soft skin—but it also keeps your vaginal and uterus linings healthy.

Vitamin A is helpful in the synthesis of progesterone, which is an important sex hormone, and it keeps your reproductive system healthy.

Lack of Vitamin A in your body might lead to a lower formation of sexual hormones.

Vitamin C

production of sexual hormones Vitamin C is widely known for its protective quality against the seasonal cold.

However, it is far more important than that and it participates in sexual hormone synthesis including estrogen, progesterone, and androgen. It is responsible for the production of collagen, which is a key chemical for improving skin elasticity and vaginal dryness. Further, it can help in retaining urinary tract elasticity and control stress incontinence and leakage.

Vitamin C can help against uneasy menstrual flow in younger women. Similarly, it is effective in controlling hot flashes during menopause.


Biotin serves several different functions including fatty acid production, cell growth, and plays a crucial role in the metabolism of amino acids and fats.   

Biotin is an important chemical in different metabolic reactions and transfers carbon dioxide. It will maintain your blood sugar level and strengthens the nails and hair.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important chemical for the production of white and red blood cells in the human body. It plays a key role in the prevention of anemia.

There is a direct relation between folic acid deficiency and infertility along with fetal neural tube defects. Pregnant women should ensure a healthy intake of folic acid through proper diet and supplements.

Folic acid is important for metabolizing proteins and, hence, boosting energy levels.


Zinc is an important part of the sexual development and its maintenance in our bodies. There are several important functions such as combating stress, increasing immunity, giving support to the adrenal activity and boosting sexual stamina.

Zinc plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone.


Iron is crucial for the production of hemoglobin, a substance that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen.  

The lack of iron can cause anemia, which drains away your energy levels and turns you pale. It is important for the regulation of menstrual periods.

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